You don’t have to wait if you want to stream Outlander season 7 on Netflix!

Maybe you thought you would have to wait for a long time to watch Outlander season 7 on Netflix. Well, you don’t have to wait for a long time. Truth be told, you do not even have to wait a day. Would you like to know how you can stream Outlander season 7 on Netflix right away?


I have just done some research and discovered the following when it comes to streaming Outlander on Netflix. Here are the facts.

  • In the USA, you have five seasons of Outlander on Netflix.
  • In the UK, you do not find Outlander on Netflix.
  • In Canada, you can stream six seasons of Outlander on Netflix.
  • In Germany, there are five seasons available.
  • In the Netherlands, you can watch the six three Outlander seasons.
  • In Italy, there is no Outlander available at all on Netflix.
  • In Sweden there are six seasons of Outlander on Netflix, but the neighboring countries Norway and Denmark don’t have any seasons at all.

But, how can I stream Outlander season 7 on Netflix?

If you want to watch the first four seasons of Outlander on Netflix, this is what you need to do. First, get a subscription to ExpressVPN, the best VPN provider on the market if you want to change your Netflix region.

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With this subscription, you can get access to American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, Dutch Netflix, German Netflix… and French Netflix. And do you know what you can stream on French Netflix? All seven seasons of Outlander.

You can stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix
You can stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix in France

Be warned, you can try other VPN providers, but it will not work as they are all blocked by Netflix. But, if you use ExpressVPN you can get access to French Netflix, and thus stream all four seasons of Outlander on Netflix. If you use the link beneath you will even get a discount on your ExpressVPN subscription which will give you three months for free (if you sign up for 12 months).

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Get started and get ready to stream Outlander season 7 on Netflix! And do not forget to use all the advantages a Netflix subscription will give you as it is pretty amazing!

If you get the proxy error as you try to watch French Netflix with ExpressVPN, simply try the other servers available in France, and you will soon get it to work (if it doesn’t work at first). It is also nice to know that ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so there is no risk involved in trying!

Even more ways to stream Outlander season 7:
You can also find the seventh season of Outlander on Netflix in India, South Korea, Belgium, and Singapore. You can connect to ExpressVPN servers in these countries as well to stream the season on Netflix.

Are you eager to get started on Outlander season 7 on Netflix? Have a good time.

Some pictures from Outlander season 7.

What about Outlander season 8?

First, we have to wait for the second part of Outlander season seven to be released. This will happen in 2024. Then the series was renewed for an eight season, which will also be the final season of this popular historical TV drama. When will the final season come to Netflix? Follow the instructions in this article and you can watch the new episodes on Netflix in the mentioned countries a few days after their original TV release in the United States.

Should you have any comments or questions, please use the comment field beneath and I will do my best to help you out as soon as possible!

4 thoughts on “You don’t have to wait if you want to stream Outlander season 7 on Netflix!”

  1. You can now follow these instructions to watch OUtlander season 5 on Netflix as well, as it can currently be streamed on Netflix in France!

  2. OMG… Thank you so much for sharing this information! I just tried to do that with Nordvpn provider, and everything worked fluently. It was so easy to change my IP address to French that I am still surprised how quickly it happened.

    1. Thank you for your reply, but I consider it JUNK! NordVPN only works with ONE Netflix region and that is American Netflix. No matter which NordVPN server you connect to, you will be sent to American Netflix once you visit – so you are for sure not watching Outlander season 4 on Netflix doing what you just described. I guess it is meant to be more of a NordVPN commercial…

      Ps: Just tried it as well, and it was as a predicted. If you try to visit Netflix using NordVPN (any server), all you will get is access to American Netflix… in other words, no Outlander at all!

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