What’s coming to US Netflix in May 2018?

So, what’s coming to US Netflix in May 2018? Are you looking for a movie to watch, or maybe a new season of your favorite TV series? Here is the complete list of content coming to US Netflix in May 2018!

coming to Netflix in May 2018

May is one of the most beautiful months every year. Spring is here, the trees are green, flowers bloom, and it feels tempting to spend more time outside than inside. But, after a long day out working in the garden, or maybe at the university, or working in an office, it feels good to relax at home watching a great movie or TV series at Netflix. So, what kind of goodies can you look forward to on American Netflix in May 2018?

The list hasn’t been published yet, but I will update this article as soon as it comes!

Coming to US Netflix in May 2018

list will be added soon!

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