Watch Spotlight on Netflix

The winner of best film at Academy Awards in 2016 was Spotlight, surprising quite a lot of critics. And now we are surprised again because Spotlight will be made available on Netflix on June 22nd in 2016.

Spotlight is a film telling the story of child abuse within the Catholic church and how the newspaper Boston Globe had their own special division named Spotlight working on the investigation of these matters and bringing them to light. There are lots of famous actors in Spotlight, for example Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Michael Keaton.

I recently watched this film and I must admit that it did not become an immediate favorite of mine, but the story was still catching and it was a film I am glad to have watched. It is not a pleasant story, but it is a story about troublesome matters in the world and that is what makes it so interesting and sad at the same time.

Watch Spotlight on Netflix
From June 22nd you can watch Spotlight on US Netflix

Watch Spotlight on Netflix

If you want to watch Spotlight on Netflix then you will have to wait till June 22nd when it will be made available on US Netflix. If you are reading this article after June 22nd then you can simply visit US Netflix and start watching it right away. For more information on how to get US Netflix outside the US, click the link and read my advises on the matter.

It might be that Spotlight will come to more Netflix regions later and I will try to update the article, but until then you will have to watch Spotlight on Netflix in the USA.

Have you seen Spotlight? Did you like the film? Write a few comments and share your thoughts on the film!

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