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I remember watching Passengers last year. I had read lots of poor critics of the movie, and after watching it myself, I kind of agreed!

I did not come with great expectations, as I went to see Passengers. The director did a great job with The Imitation Game, and I hoped that he would manage to create a similar success movie again. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had the main roles only suggested that this would become a giant success. But, it didn’t!

passengers on netflix

Somehow the movie never managed to grab a hold of me, and for that reason I found it to be quite boring. The movie could have been brilliant, but it never lived up to its potential. That is why it only received a critics score of 30%. The audience, however, enjoyed it far more, and it has an audience score higher than 60% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Stream Passengers on Netflix

Would you like to watch Passengers on Netflix? It can be done! At the moment it is only available in one single Netflix region, and that is in South Korea. I have no clue in the world on how to get access to South Korean Netflix if you live somewhere else, but if someone knows more than I do, please write a comment and let me know how it can be done.

I do expect Passengers to turn available in other Netflix regions in the near future, so I would not be surprised if you can watch Passengers on Canadian, US, English and Dutch Netflix already in December. But, that is only a wild guess from me, so follow this page for more information within the coming days on what will come to Netflix in December 2017 (and in January 2018 etc).

Have you seen Passengers on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Please share your thoughts!

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