Watch Nice Guys on Netflix

Want to watch some nice guys on Netflix that ain’t really such nice guys after all? If the answer is yes then go ahead and watch Nice Guys on Netflix!

There are few times I watch a movie only to stop watching by half time and never finishing it. In fact, that is going against every single principle in my body. What I start to watch I have to finish. If the movie is really bad I still have to finish, but I might forward the movie a bit in order to reach the end at a faster pace. But, I have to finish!

If I were to mention movies that I did not finish in 2016 then I can only remember one movie and that is Nice Guys. Now, that kind of troubles me, because we were recommended the movie by some friends and I looked very much forward to watching it. But, for some reason this was a movie that I did not like at all. It was not enough action to be an action movie, it wasn’t funny enough to be a comedy and I probably do not like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling to much either. But, maybe you are a fan of them and you are really eager to watch Nice Guys on Netflix? If that is you, keep on reading!


Time to watch Nice Guys on Netflix

If you want to watch Nice Guys on Netflix, then you can do so in the following Netflix regions at the moment:

  • Costa Rica
  • Argentina
  • Panama
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

These are the southern American regions and I must be honest to say that often they get access to blockbusters way faster than for example US Netflix and Canadian Netflix. You can find out more on how you can watch Netflix from abroad here at this site and how to access other Netflix regions.

Have you see Nice Guys (on Netflix)? Did you like it or did you get the same feeling that I did? I would love to hear and read your thoughts on this movie.

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