Watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix

One of my favorite films is Music and Lyrics. I have seen it lots of times and now I just noticed that you can watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix!

Music and Lyrics is a film with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in which Hugh Grant plays the character of an old star with few fans left, but some big hits in the past. He then gets one big chance to write a song for a modern and popular young artist, but lyrics don’t come that easy anymore. Drew Barrymore is the girl who waters the flowers of Hugh Grant, and somehow she helps him out with the lyrics and turn into much more than just one he writes lyrics with.

The films is packed with nice songs, good humor and some romantic atmosphere, so ideal for girls, couples and people who like general Hugh Grant films. It is quite similar the to The Rewrite, just way better, so if you have to choose, watch this instead.

music and lyrics on Netflix

Watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix

Music and Lyrics can at the moment be seen on Netflix in Australia and in New Zealand. At the moment it is hard to change your Netflix region, but you can read more about it in this article.

You can also read more about watching Music and Lyrics at in the linked article. Have fun, and hope you will enjoy watching Music and Lyrics as much as I did, and still do!

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