Watch Minority Report season 1 on Netflix

Minority Report is a TV series produced by Fox which was fairly popular in the United States. Now you can watch Minority Report season 1 on Netflix.

Minority Report tells a story about people who are able to predict crimes. Such a guy is out there to help a police officer, and together they help save the world. But, for some reason this Fox series did not become a hit, and that is why the first season only consisted of 10 episodes (instead of 13). For the same reason Fox also cancelled any future for this TV series, meaning that you can watch the first 10 episodes of Minority Report on Netflix, and hat’s it. There will be no more Minority Report from Fox in the near future, so if you look for more action on Fox, then you should watch the newly released Lethal Weapon TV series from Fox. You can watch Lethal Weapon online if you follow the instructions in this article.

Watch Minority Report on Netflix

Minority Report on Netflix

To watch the first and only season of Minority Report on Netflix you have to watch it on Canadian Netflix. That might not be so easy, but you can read more about how you can access Canadian Netflix from abroad in the following article.

For more information in general on how you can access Fox online overseas, I suggest that you visit where you can find lots of information on that topic. And you better get prepared, because in a few weeks Prison Break will have its premiere (new season) on Fox as well. That will for sure be a highlight for lots of people!


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