Watch Minions on Netflix

Where did those yellow creatures in Gru come from? For some reasons they became even bigger stars than Gru and now you can watch the film about the Minions on Netflix!

In the film Minions we can follow the Minions back to the early days of their history and see how they have evolved and moved on throughout history, always looking for a master who can show them directions and the way to go. I watched this film myself and even though I was never a big Gru fan, I did in fact enjoy the film about the Minions. It is easy to watch, the Minions have a great humor and the creators of the film did a great job making it.

Minions on Netflix

Watch Minions on Netflix

If you want to watch Minions on Netflix then you will have to tune in to American or Canadian Netflix. If you are located outside any of these Netflix regions then you can follow my instructions on how to watch American Netflix or my instructions on how to get access to Canadian Netflix from abroad. If you want to get access to other Netflix regions as well, simply visit the front page and follow the instructions that you can find there!

If you do not feel like changing your Netflix region then you can also watch Minions on as an Instant Video or buy it as a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Have fun watching this film and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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