Watch The Martian on Netflix

It is almost unbelievable, but The Martin can now be seen on Netflix. It was just made available in the best of all Netflix regions. Find out how to watch it!

The Martian was one of my favorite films in 2015, and that says a lot since I am not at all a big fan of space films (like Gravity and Interstellar). But, the humor of Matt Damon and the spirit of the entire film made it a winner to me and I would so much have liked Matt Damon to receive an Oscar for his role in this film. He didn’t, but if you want to you can at least watch The Martian on Netflix now if you want to!

The Martian on Netflix

The Martian on Netflix

The Martian has just been made available on Netflix in Canada. If you live outside Canada and want to watch the film then you can read more about how to watch Canadian Netflix from abroad in the linked article. You can also consider watching The Martian on HBO Now or to watch it on, so consider all three options and use the one that seems to be the best to you!

Again, The Martian is a film well worth watching so I can warmly recommend it to you!

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