Watch Heaven is for Real on Netflix

Heaven is for Real is a very interesting film about a four year old boy who has an accident and nearly dies. But, during this accident and his time in coma he sees and experiences things that can not really be understood.

The father of the little boy is a pastor of a church, but even he has a hard time grasping everything as the little boy starts to describe things that he does not even know about, like how he he was supposed to have had a little sister that died early. He can also describe Jesus with whom he met in this period of being in coma and it all is very interesting and a nice film.

heaven is for real on NEtflix

Heaven is for Real on Netflix

If you want to watch Heaven is for Real on Netflix then it can be done right now, because it has just been made available on Dutch Netflix. If you want to find out more about how you can watch Duch Netflix in the US or enjoy Netflix in lots of different regions easily, read my article on Netflix region switching and get started.

I am not sure whether or not I will call this a Christian film, because I do believe that lots of people who are not believers will also enjoy this film, so go ahead and watch it. If you want to know more about Christian films on Netflix, read this article that I wrote a while back or take a look at this YouTube presentation.

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