Watch God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness on Netflix

The third movie in the God’s Not Dead series was released earlier in 2018, and as of December 4th in 2018, you can stream it on Netflix in the USA.

Gods not dead 3 on netflix
God’s Not Dead 3 is on US Netflix as of December 2018

I have earlier written about the best Christian movies on Netflix, and if I know about it, this movie would probably have made it onto the list. But, when I wrote the article and created the video, it wasn’t there yet, and thus I could not include it on the list.

But, I haven’t watched God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness yet, but hopefully, I will be able to watch it within the coming days.

In this movie, we meet Reverend David Hill (who has also been in the previous two movies), and his church is destroyed in a fire. What will happen with the church now? Should it be allowed to keep up with its activity on campus, or should Christianity be sent away from the campus?

You can watch the movie trailer right here.

Have you seen God’s Not Dead 3? How did you like the movie? Were you satisfied? Was it as good as the earlier God’s Not Dead movies? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the movie! I will come back and share more of my thoughts about the movie after watching it.

If you want to watch it on US Netflix, read more on how you can access US Netflix right here.

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