Watch Fury on Netflix

Fury on NetflixI still haven’t seen Fury, but the film from 2014 with Brad Pitt has just been added to Netflix. But, not to any Netflix region, but to the Netflix region you might think of when I say Ghetto Millionaire… that is Indian Netflix.

If you want to watch Fury on Netflix at the moment it means that you will need to get access to Indian Netflix. That might not necessarily be so easy, but you can read more about how you can get access to different Netflix regions right here.

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”July 12th update”]You can now also watch Fury on Dutch Netflix – more information on how you can watch Dutch Netflix from abroad can be found in this article.[/stbpro]

Fury is a Second World War film so if you like such films then this might be for you. It was available also on HBO Now and on NOW TV for a long time, but has since then been removed from those catalogues, but now you can watch it on Netflix instead.

Go ahead and watch Fury on Netflix, but if you in these days would like to watch some sports instead, then you can know that there is lots of football/soccer on the TV in these days since Euro 2016 is arranged in France and Copa America in the USA. If you want to watch those events then you can find more information about these events at There you can also find out how to watch them online.

So, now you can decide whether you want to watch Fury or some soccer? Or maybe both?

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