Watch Doctor Strange on Netflix

Doctor Strange is the fantastic Marvel movie from 2016. In this the former Doctor played by Benedict Cumberatch, turns into a superhero named Doctor Strange. Want to watch him on Netflix?

I remember watching Doctor Strange in the cinema in November 2016. For that reason I did not actually expect Doctor Strange to come to Netflix for a little while, but I was proven wrong. On May 30th Doctor Strange will be added to US Netflix, meaning that people who live in the US, or people who know how to access US Netflix from abroad, will be able to stream Doctor Strange on Netflix from that date on.

Watch Doctor Strange on Netflix

At the moment you can watch Doctor Strange in the following Netflix regions (this will be updated frequently)

  • US Netflix
  • Canadian Netflix

If you have further comments or questions, or maybe know of a Netflix region in which Doctor Strange can be streamed (that is not on this list), please write a comment beneath to let me know.

But, how can you get access to US Netflix? It is really easy. I am writing this article from Europe, but I am currently watching US Netflix following these instructions, so go ahead and give it a try. Since I am writing this article before the arrival of Doctor Strange to US Netflix, I am watching Captain America: Civil War instead on US Netflix at the moment (see screenshot beneath).

Doctor Strange on Netflix
Watch Doctor Strange on Netflix (this screenshot is from Captain America: Civil War)

Sounds good? Is it worth spending two hours to watch Doctor Strange on Netflix? I was very critical to the movie when I went to the cinema to watch it. But, after watching the movie I was very glad I actually went to see it. It was nice action, good story and I had a very good time watching it. What are your thoughts on Doctor Strange? Did you like the arrival of Benedict Cumberbatch to the list of super heroes? I was very skeptical, but after watching the movie, I thought he did a great job. It was hard imagining him as this “super” kind of guy, he is after all very down to earth in his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock, but he did a great job after all!

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