Watch Doctor Who on Netflix

Doctor WhoAre you a fan of Doctor Who? Now you can see lots of seasons and Doctor Who episodes on UK Netflix, of course if you have a subscription. Doctor Who is the famous time traveling doctor who takes us back and forth in history in his little blue box.

So you want to watch Doctor Who on UK Netflix, but you are not located in the UK? Luckily that is something that can be fixed easily, and if you want to watch UK Netflix from outside the UK you can read more about that here.

In addition to Doctor Who there are also lots of other series available on UK Netflix, and you can also watch series such as Continuum, Californication, House of Cards, Lilyhammer and other cool stuff once you have your Netflix subscription in order.

Another cool addition to UK Netflix is the fact that they recently added MacGyver to their list of series available, so if you are a Richard Dean Anderson fan and want to watch those epic Macgyver shows, then you can do that on UK Netflix as well as of now! Enjoy!