Watch Courageous on Netflix

Courageous on NetflixIt has just been a week since I published my article on the best Christian movies on Netflix, and then suddenly I recognized a film that for sure should have been on that list; Courageous.

Courageous is a film made by Alex Kendrick, the guy behind Flywheel, Faith like Giants and Fireproof. Courageous is another film made by the same guys and while Faith Like Giants is about having faith and believing God for miracles and Fireproof is about fighting for marriage, Courageous is a film about raising children in a godly way.

In this film you meet different parents in different situations, but they all decide to go together with the goal of raising godly children. One of the most beautiful moments in the film comes already in the start, so personally I had tears in my eyes after about two minutes of the film, and if you take a look at the film yourself you will probably understand why!

Courageous can now be seen on Netflix and you can see it on Canadian Netflix. For more information on watching Canadian Netflix abroad or jumping between Netflix regions, just press the links.

If you want to take a look at the little film I made presenting the best Christian movies on Netflix, just press the link.

And, do not forget that if you like the films made by Alex Kendrick and like Courageous, you should absolutely get prepared for their very latest film which is named War Room. It will be made available on DVD in the start of December. I have not yet seen the film myself, but I look really much forward to see it, and the topic of that film will be the power of prayer!

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