Watch The Boss on Netflix

If you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy, then you have probably watched The Boss already. If you haven’t, then now is your chance to stream The Boss on Netflix.

The Boss on Netflix

I am a big fan of Melissa McCarthy myself, and I normally enjoy her movies a lot. For that reason, I watch The Boss on Google Play a while back, but I must admit that I did not enjoy this as much as her other movies. She was fantastic in The Spy, and she has been fantastic in most other movies, but The Boss was boring. I watched it to the end, but even Melissa McCarthy could not make The Boss an interesting movie. There were some funny moments, but the story itself was boring.

But, I understand that you want to give Melissa McCarthy and The Boss a chance. So, where can you stream The Boss on Netflix?

Watch The Boss on Netflix

If you want to watch The Boss on Netflix, then you can currently stream it in one single Netflix region.

  • The Boss on Netflix in Portugal

You can stream the movie on Netflix in Portugal. If you live somewhere else, follow my instructions on how to get access to Portuguese Netflix right here.

Have you watched The Boss? Did you enjoy the movie, or do you share my thoughts on the movie? At IMDb it has a 5,3/10 score, while the Tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes gives a more true impression, 22% only. That is the critics’ score. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is a bit better, and it has a 39% audience score. What score would you give the movie?

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