Watch all seasons of the Irish-British crime drama The Fall on Netflix – How and where!

The Fall is an Irish-British crime drama that aired on TV in Ireland and in the UK. The first season was released in 2013 and the third and final season was finished in 2016. Would you like to see all three seasons starring the legendary Gillian Anderson who we all remember from her role as agent Dana Scully in X-Files? How and where can you find The Fall (season 1-3) on Netflix?

The Fall cannot be considered a giant success, but still, it was running for three seasons and it had quite a lot of fans in the UK. But, outside the UK, this is still a TV series that many people haven’t heard about, and that is why you cannot find it on Netflix. But, if you have heard about The Fall and really want to watch it on Netflix, can it be done?

The Fall on Netflix

Stream The Fall on Netflix

There is one place in which you can watch The Fall on Netflix, and that is in the UK. So, the series was produced in Northern Ireland, and aired on TV there and in England. So, if you live in the UK, you now have a splendid chance to watch The Fall on Netflix. Simply go to and search for The Fall, and you will be ready for an awesome streaming experience straight away.

But, what if you live elsewhere? Can you and I stream The Fall on Netflix outside the UK? YES!

In order to watch UK Netflix abroad, all you need is a Netflix subscription registered outside the UK, and a VPN subscription to NordVPN. If you combine those, you will be able to watch The Fall on Netflix in the UK. But, you will not only be able to stream this, but you can also stream TV series and movies on Netflix in the USA, in Canada, in Japan, and in the Netherlands.

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What is The Fall about?

Stella Gibson is the officer who is looking into a murder case which has been open for more than 28 days. She is on the verge of catching a serial killer, but it is hard as she is challenged both from the inside and the outside of the police.

That is the official story. I haven’t seen it myself, so if I would create a story myself and call it The Fall, I would probably create a storyline something like this.

My version of The Fall (purely made up in my mind)

A police officer works hard and tries to solve as many crimes as possible. One day, Stella discovers a case, a murder case, and it has blood on the folder containing the information. Someone has been working hard to keep it hidden from the public and from the curious eyes inside the police department.

But, Stella doesn’t get scared. Instead, she desides to dig deep into the case, and for that reason, she goes to her superintendent to ask for permission to dig into the case. However, the boss doesn’t like the idea, and tells her to stay of the case. How come? Isn’t that strange, she thinks to herselves. Our task her is to solve crimes, not to let them slide away.

That evening she mades some phone calls and visits the mother and father of the victim. They are surprised to see her visit, but welcome her in and tells her everything about the case. Stella is enjoying a good cup of tea and has a nice conversation about the girl who seems to have been a well liked girl in the university of the city. However, as she is about to leave, she also asks to visit the room of the girl. When she enters the room, which is tidy and looking nice, she is very surprised to see a photo of the superintendent together with the girl on a picture from something that seems to be a birthday celebration at the girls 18th birthday.

Stella pretends to know nothing at all, and asks the parents about the picture and who can be seen on it. The parents quickly grab the picture and says that it is just a friend of the family. The picture is hidden and Stella quickly understands that the parents do not want to think or speak more about the picture.

Stella is stuck and do not really know how to move on with the case. However, one week later she hears about a new murder incident at the police station. This time it is a 25 year old girl who has been killed during a walk in the park. As she looks at the details of the case, she can clearly see some similarities. But, is it just a look-a-like, or is this really about catching a serial murder? This is just the start of one of the most brutal cases in the history of the city!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to watch The Fall on Netflix? If you have any questions or comments, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you if I am able to do so.

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