Watch About Time on UK Netflix

About Time on NetflixAre you in for a romantic film tonight? Are you a big fan of Rachel McAdams, and maybe you like her better in romantic roles than in action roles as she recently was in as she played in True Detective Season 2?

About Time is a romantic comedy in which you can follow the not so cool guy Tim who gets to know something crazy on his birthday… he is able to travel back in time! Of course he can not believe it, but he then tries it and it works! This can of course be abused and used for good, and he uses it to seduce and win the beautiful girl played by Rachel McAdams. But, traveling in time is not always easy, especially as certain things have giant consequences on the future if changed.

He keeps chatting with his dad learning the tricks that has to do with time traveling. There are lots of great humor in this film and I can warmly recommend it to anyone who want to watch a great film on Netflix one night! You can watch About Time on UK Netflix and if you want to watch it from abroad you can simply read the following article to find out how it can be done easily. And do not forget that you can easily switch between the different Netflix regions following the instructions also written on our front page!

If you do not have a Netflix subscription or maybe the film has been removed from UK Netflix by the time you read this article, then you can for sure watch the film online as an Amazon Instant Video. Read more about About Time on here.

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