Unblocking Netflix with IvacyVPN – Can it be done?

Are you considering IvacyVPN as your VPN provider? Are you looking for a VPN provider that will help you get rid of the proxy and unblocker error messages on Netflix? Can IvacyVPN help you with that?

IvacyVPN is a VPN provider that is really easy to use. Their VPN application is neat, and you can easily use it to unblock VPN services and to surf encrypted online. But, how is the service working with Netflix?

The IvacyVPN application

First of all, IvacyVPN is a cheap VPN provider. They are quite a lot cheaper than most other VPN providers, and you can get a one-month subscription cheaper than with competitors such as PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. And, if you decide to purchase a long-term subscription, it is also cheaper than the others.

A test of IvacyVPN and its ability to unblock Netflix

Most VPN providers have a couple of servers working with American Netflix, as that is considered to be the most important region. IvacyVPN also works with American Netflix, and it is really easy to stream content there. You just need to look through the servers dedicated to streaming and you will find American Netflix on the list.

It is easy to unblock American Netflix with IvacyVPN

But, you will not find any other Netflix logos here, meaning that it is way harder to discover if IvacyVPN works with Netflix in other countries. How can you find the truth? You can test all their servers, or trust our tests and believe what we have to say.

IvacyVPN also works with Netflix in the following countries

Based on our tests, you can also use IvacyVPN to access Netflix in the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Japan

That is actually a very nice list. But, it is important to notice that things might get a bit more complicated here. What do we mean?

VPN providers such as Surfshark and NordVPN have implemented a SmartDNS within their VPN service. As a result, when you connect to a server in Canada and visit Netflix, you will always get access to Canadian Netflix, no matter which server you connect to.

VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and PureVPN do not use the method and as a result, you will have to connect to the different servers and in the end, you will hopefully find one that is working in the nation. What does this mean?

As I tested the IvacyVPN servers in Australia (they have 4 in total), I first started with connecting to their Brisbane server. It gave me no luck, and I got to see the proxy and unblocker error message.

Error code M7037-1111 using IvacyVPN on Netflix
Error code M7037-1111 on Netflix using IvacyVPN.

Then I connected to two more servers, and I still got the error message. But, as I connected to the fourth server I was finally in luck, and I got access to Australian Netflix. In other words, you might have to test with several servers in the different nations before you finally find the server actually able to unblocking Netflix.

How to find different servers using IvacyVPN?

If you want to see a list of all the IvacyVPN servers available in the different countries, you should use the default IvacyVPN window (SmartConnect). Instead of looking at the list of countries, choose cities. You will then see all the countries and the list of servers in different cities. Here you can try as you feel like and find those servers actually able to unblock Netflix in the different mentioned countries.

IvacyVPN and Netflix – what is the conclusion?

IvacyVPN is a very good and solid VPN provider for Netflix. Considering that their prices are way beneath the average VPN prices, this is a product you should absolutely consider using.

Visit IvacyVPN(and watch Netflix right away)

IvacyVPN has low prices, and they also protect you with their 30-day full-refund policy. Besides this, you can use one subscription at five devices simultaneously, and the service can also be used to unblock BBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ITV, HBO Now, and lots of other streaming services.

If you want to give IvacyVPN a try, click the button above to get a nice discount and to give their services a try.

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Have you already tried IvacyVPN? What is your experience with their services? I would love to hear from you!

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