The Trip to Italy on US Netflix

The Trip to ItalyAre you in for a film combining good food, good humour and Italy? Then The Trip to Italy is the film for you. It is a comedy with Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden in the main roles, and on this adventure they will see and experience Italy in a special way.

The film is quite popular and have received good critics on different sites online. The most famous of all sites when it comes to films, the Internet Movie Database, has given the film a rating of 6,9, which is a fairly good rating, based on about 5000 votes.

The film has now been made available on US Netflix, meaning that you can watch it if you have a US IP address and a Netflix account. It is very easy to get started watching Netflix, and they are really nice, because they let everyone who signs up get a free 30 day trial period, so it will not cost you anything to watch Netflix for the first thirty days. The only problem is if you are in a nation where Netflix is unavailable, but luckily that can be fixed as well, so if you click the link you will find out more about how you can watch Netflix in different nations where it is curently unavailable such as Italy, Spain, Australia, Marocco and so on. And if you follow the instructions, why not start it all watching The Trip to Italy on US Netflix, a brilliant film which I do hope you will enjoy!

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