They Came Together on Netflix

Paul Rudd in They Came TogetherI have not seen They Came Together myself, but a person close to me watched it and based on her critics this is a film perfect for those who like romantic films who are very eager to be funny as well, but only half the jokes actually succeed in making you laugh.

If you start watching you will soon understand this. If you are in the mood for such a romantic film, then this is a good film to watch, but it is no coincidence that the film did not really make it into cinemas in lots of nations around the world, after all this is not a big budget film, but a low cost film which nobody would watch if Paul Rudd would not have been given a role in the film.

You can watch this film on US Netflix at the moment, so go ahead and watch it online if you are interested. For more information on watching Netflix online from overseas, read the following article!

I would probably go ahead and watch some other film on Netflix instead of They Came Together, but feel free to watch the film if you have some spare time!

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