The Wrong Missy review

The Wrong Missy is called The Wrong Choice by some people. Do you get it? To watch The Wrong Missy is simply about making a wrong choice. But, is that really so? Is The Wrong Missy really a bad way to spend 100 minutes of your life?

The Wrong Missy review
The “right” Missy

Yesterday, I sat down to watch The Wrong Missy. I knew the background story due to the trailer, so I knew what to expect. I knew that the female actress was somewhat familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen her before. That is why I checked her up on IMDb in the middle of the movie, and that is when I remembered her as the girlfriend of Stewart in the final seasons of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Well, she needed to be crazy in order to be the girlfriend of Stewart, but that madness is nothing compared to what you will see if you decide to watch The Wrong Missy on Netflix.

The Wrong Missy is a Netflix original production. As a result, you can only watch it on Netflix. However, you can watch it on Netflix worldwide, meaning that you don’t have to change your Netflix country to find it on Netflix.

What is The Wrong Missy about?

Lauren Lapkus (Missy / Melissa) is going on a date with David Spade (Tim Morris). Tim has just lost his wife and he is trying to go on a date for the first time since her death. Well, things do not evolve as he expected, because Missy is just driving him crazy. She is annoying, she is irritating, and she is just too much of everything. Not only does Tim get that feeling, but everyone who watches the movie sites with the same feeling.

The date doesn’t end well, and Tim is sure that he never wants to meet with Missy again.

Three months later, Tim is on the airport. He gets a heart connection with this beautiful lady called Melissa, and they are just about to make out in a little room when Melissa has to run to catch her flight. They do a quick phone number exchange. After a while, Tim decides to contact Melissa, but a SMS from the other Missy suddenly makes him mix the numbers, and that is when the party starts. After all, he has just invited the wrong Missy to join him for a business retreat for a weekend!

The Wrong Missy
The Wrong Missy

Is The Wrong Missy too much?

I had a feeling that Missy was just too much in the start. But, once again I was wrong. I actually felt as if the movie was able to entertain me quite a lot, and it gave me way more laughs than most other comedies do. Missy is the motor that makes the movie go on, and she is playing the role as a crazy girl extremely well. Of course, it will be hard for her ever to play a serious role after this (the syndrome of actors such as Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler), but who cares… she is playing Missy in a very good way.

This could have been a cinema movie!

The Wrong Missy is a film many people would have paid money to watch in the cinema. It is a classic comedy and it makes you smile, laugh, and have a good time. It doesn’t bring you anything extraordinary, but who needs that, when you can simply laugh and have a good time with this typical low budget movie?

I am very satisfied, and I can warmly recommend The Wrong Missy if you want to have a good time with a crazy girl while watching a comedy on Netflix.

How did you like The Wrong Missy?

Have you seen The Wrong Missy? How did you like the movie? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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