The Cobbler on US Netflix

The Cobbler on NetflixOne of my favorite films as I saw it in cinemas in the last 6 months was probably The Cobbler. It wasn’t an amazing film, but I found it to be amusing and a very nice film with some good jokes and a nice story. Ready for some fun and some popcorn? Watch The Cobbler on US Netflix!

The Cobbler is the story in which you meat the cobbler named Max Simkin, played by Adam Sandler. He is a guy without to much purpose and not so much to live for, but then suddenly something happens. One day the machine he normally uses to repair shoes gets destroyed, so he goes down to the basement to try using the old fashioned repairing machine instead. There is just one little thing to the machine… as he repairs the shoes of the people with this machine and he puts on the shoes afterwards he looks completely like the owner of the shoes. Take a look at the trailer, and you will get a feeling what I am talking about.

With power comes possibility and risk, and that is of course what happens with Adam Sandler as well. This film can now be seen on US Netflix and I can warmly recommend it to anyone interested in a good film for the evening. If you have problems watching Netflix in your country, or watching US Netflix at your current location, read the following article.

By the way, it is really cool that this film is already available on Netflix, especially considering that it isn’t that old at all. So, a film that quickly got available on Netflix, that is something I like a lot! Have you watched it? Did you like it?

Have an enjoyable evening watching The Cobbler on Netflix!

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