The best arrivals on Canadian Netflix in June 2019

Which movies should you watch on Canadian Netflix in June? Which are the best arrivals coming to Netflix Canada in June? Take a look at this clip and read my comments to find out!

Netflix Canada is an interesting region, and together with American Netflix, maybe the best of all the Netflix regions out there. But, what should you watch on Canadian Netflix in June? You can find a complete list of arrivals right here. Check out the highlights video beneath, and read my further comments afterward.

If you like animated movies on Canadian Netflix…

Are you in the mood for an animated movie? If you answer is yes, you can look forward to June 2019. In that month, not only one, but two amazing animated movies will come to Netflix in Canada (and in the USA).

  • Ralphs Break the Internet
    This is the popular story of wreck-it-ralph and the second movie in the series. It has received a lot of praise, and even though many people consider it a children’s movie, it is loaded with jokes directly pointed at the adults watching the movie.
  • Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse
    I haven’t seen this yet, but I do hope to stream it on Netflix in June. The movie has received so much fantastic praise online, and I just read a comment from someone calling it the best Spiderman movie ever. Even though it is an animated movie, it is recommended for everyone, so I guess I will give it a try in June!

Coming ONLY to Canadian Netflix

Even though most of the content coming to Netflix in Canada also will come to Netflix in the USA, there are a few exceptions, and the most important are the following two movies.

  • The Quake
    A movie about an earthquake in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Nobody expected it to come, and the geologist warning those in charge, is only made fun of as he shares his findings and theories on the matter. But, will his message come through? Or will it be to late when people actually start to believe him?
  • The Guilty
    A slow movie with a pace similar to that of a turtle. Watch the Danish police officer work at the emergency central where he answers all sorts of phone calls. But, when a lady says that she has been taken captive, something is wrong and he takes action. But, this is not action like we are used to. Instead, we get to see the life of a call-central officer who does his uttermost to solve the case and to help out through the phone.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet is one of the highlights on Canadian Netflix in June.
Ralph Breaks the Internet is one of the highlights on Canadian Netflix in June.

What are you planning to stream on Netflix Canada in June?

Have you checked the video clip above? Did you see any interesting content that you would love to watch on Netflix Canada in June? Or have you taken a look at the list of all the content coming to Canadian Netflix in June and found something else that you like? What is that? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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