Should I watch Geostorm on Netflix?

A few days ago, I decided to use a training machine to put my body in better shape. I had no clue what to stream, so I just opened my Netflix application and found the movie Geostorm. I decided to watch it and I had a good time doing so.

The movie lasts for around 100 minutes and I didn’t exercise for 100 minutes. In fact, it was more like 45 minutes of exercising and the rest was just pure relaxing watching the rest of the movie. I didn’t know a lot about Geostorm before watching, I only had a vague remembrance of some friends telling me that it was a boring movie not worth watching.

But, I decided to give Geostorm a chance, and I do not regret watching it. Now, this wasn’t a movie I will recommend you to stream on Netflix, and it isn’t a movie I would ever watch again. But, if you are looking for something to watch while exercising or maybe you are incredibly bored, Geostorm might give you the action and relaxation that you are looking for.

How to watch Geostorm on Netflix?

If you want to watch Geostorm on Netflix, you will need to get access to one of the following Netflix regions:

There are easy ways in which you can get access to these regions, so click the links above and follow the instructions if you want to find a way to stream Geostorm on Netflix.

The first thing you should do is to search for Geostorm on Netflix. Maybe it can be found in your country as well, but if it cannot be found, follow the instructions above to stream Geostorm on Netflix straight away.

What is Geostorm all about?

Geostorm tells us the story of a world that has been messed up because the people didn’t take care of the planet. The world suffers because of a climate that makes the weather go extreme. To save the planet, something called the Dutch Boy is created. This is a station in space from which they can help stabilize the extreme weather in order to make sure that the extreme weather will keep its distance from earth. The mastermind behind the Dutch Boy is played by Gerard Butler.

Watch Gerard Butler in Geostorm on Netflix
Watch Gerard Butler in Geostorm on Netflix

Unfortunately, Gerard Butler is fired from the job and when the movie continues, we are three years down the road and something is wrong with the Dutch Boy. It keeps causing trouble (instead of keep the trouble away) and now Gerard Butler is sent into space again in order to fix the trouble.

The one giving orders to Gerard Butler is his little brother. They do not have the best relationship, simply because it was the little brother who fired Gerard Butler in the first place. But, when things get tough and lives are at stake, the brothers keep together and fight together to save the world from a Geostorm.

So, is Geostorm worth watching on Netflix?

This is Armageddon and all other disaster movies, all in one. But, there is action to it, and it can be quite amusing, even though it is still boring. Give it a try, maybe you will like it. I would give the movie a 5/10 score.

Have you seen Geostorm? Did you like it?

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