Orphan Black on Netflix

Orphan BlackAre you ready for a great thriller TV series made in Canada? Then Orphan Black is great for you, and you can now enjoy watching it on Netflix in several nations!

Orphan Black is the story of the young lady who stands waiting for the train when a girl looking exactly like her suddenly jumps in front of a train coming. She then decides to take on the identity of her look-a-like and in this she turns into a police officer and she starts investigating. In this she finds out that she is not alone, but she is a clone with quite a lot of other people looking exactly like her, and this is when it gets really interesting.

You can now watch Orphan Black, the first three seasons on Netflix, so if you are in for a new and cool TV series on Netflix, this might be it!

If you do not have Netflix yet or want to find out how to watch Netflix from abroad, then read this article.

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