Now you can watch London Has Fallen on Netflix

Did you like Olympus has Fallen? This time it is not Olympus (The White House) which has fallen, but London is under attack. Watch Mike Banning in London Has Fallen on Netflix.

I remember watching Olympus has fallen and had a good time doing so. In the same way I must admit that I had a good time watching London has Fallen as well, but it is not threatened by any future Academy Awards. Now you can watch London has Fallen on Netflix, but not in the most popular Netflix regions.

London has FAllen on Netflix
Now you can watch London Has Fallen on Netflix

London Has Fallen on Netflix

This film can currently be seen on Netflix in the following nations:

  • Costa Rica
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Brazil

You can read more on how to access Canadian, Dutch, US and UK Netflix in this article!

Is it worth spending a few hours on Netflix to watch London Has Fallen? If you liked Olympus has Fallen and like a good action film, then I believe that you will have a good time reading this film as well. Despite poor critics on the Internet, this film is packed with action and a fairly good story. Mike Banning has to protect the American President as he travels to London to partake in a funeral. Even though everything seems to be in perfect order the president does not get to spend many minutes in London before the action starts. Can Mike Banning protect the president again?

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    1. Hello, thank you for writing! I have just updated the article with working regions in which you can stream London has Fallen. Enjoy!

    1. It is not on UK Netflix yet. It is available in the regions mentioned here, and has since then also been added to US and Canadian Netflix. For more information on how you can access those Netflix regions, simply read the articles on the subject here on this site.

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