Netflix has removed the proxy and unblocker error message!

Netflix seems to have made some changes in its battle against the usage of VPN and proxy services. For many years, we were delivered error messages telling us that the VPN we were using was blocked by Netflix. Of course, there were some VPNs that worked and allowed us to stream all our favorite content, no matter what, but many suffered from the proxy and unblocker error messages. But, now it seems as if Netflix has made some changes!

A limited version of netflix

I noticed this earlier today as I used a VPN to watch Netflix. I was surprised to discover that I didn’t get the error message as all. What was wrong? I connected to an ExpressVPN server in Norway (that normally is blocked by Netflix), but I didn’t get the error message. Instead, I just saw a very minimized selection of Netflix content. I quickly noticed the difference, and mostly, I could stream Netflix original content and some other stuff.

As a result, Netflix will no longer show you the VPN error message if you connect to a server blocked by Netflix. Instead, you will see a version of Netflix in which only the global content is available, that is, you will only see Netflix content available all across the world. In this way, Netflix is not breaking any copyright regulations, and you will be able to watch and have fun and watch Netflix encrypted using a VPN, without getting the error message.

The positive aspect of this change!

To be honest, this is actually a quite nice change. For a long time, one of the biggest complaints against Netflix has been that you have to choose between streaming and safety. With this change, you can now use any VPN and watch Netflix safely. I clearly see this is a positive change.

The negative aspect of this change!

You will still be blocked from hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies available on Netflix, simply because you are using a VPN. If you live in Norway and want to connect to a VPN server in Norway, you will no longer see the actual content on Netflix in Norway, but you will see the Netflix content available to viewers worldwide, that is, the global content.

This is a very minimized version of Netflix, giving you less value for your money and your subscription.

What to do now?

My best recommendation is to use a VPN whenever you watch Netflix. But, there are quite a lot of VPN services that will still give you access to the full Netflix library, simply because they use IP addresses not blocked by Netflix.

As a result, you will not only see the global Netflix content, but you will see the actual content available on Netflix in South Korea, in Germany, in France, in the UK, and so on.

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