Why Netflix is better than CBS All Access?

I am a big fan of both Netflix and CBS All Access, but recently I found out why I like Netflix better than CBS All Access. Curious to find out why?

As you watch TV series on Netflix there is one detail that you do not think about. It is a major detail, but since it doesn’t exist as you watch TV series on Netflix, you do not think about it. But, at the very moment you start watching a TV series on CBS All Access you discover this detail at once. It is called commercials!

Big Bang THeory on CBS ALl Access

When you watch your favorite TV series on Netflix you can watch them without commercials and without stop all the time. As you watch a TV series on CBS All Access you are bombarded with commercials. Yesterday I watched a short 20 minutes episode of The Odd Couple on Netflix, and before I was finished watching the episode I had actually watched about 5 minutes of commercials.

We are of course used to commercials as we watch TV, but once we cut the cord we prefer watching TV without the commercials. Hulu also run with commercials, but for an extra fee you can get rid of those commercials as well.

CBS All Access is only a little bit cheaper than Netflix

Now Netflix has a fee of 10 USD a month (in general) while CBS All Access cost you 6 USD a month. There is much more to watch on Netflix, but at CBS All Access you can at least gain access to the newest episodes of the CBS TV series right away (while you have to wait for them a long time at Netflix – if they do arrive there at all). In addition you get access to the CBS live stream. So, there aren’t just minuses with CBS All Access, but I must admit that those commercials were very long and made the streaming experience more boring.

What do you think? Which streaming service do you prefer – CBS All Access or Netflix?

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