How much bandwidth is used watching Netflix?

Bandwidth and NetflixI just wanted to know how much bandwidth is used watching Netflix? If I watch Netflix on mobile phone using a data package, how much bandwidth will be used?

Thank you for asking! I can not give you a 100% answer to the question, but I can tell you what amount of bandwidth I have used as I have been watching Netflix (using a VPN). Since there are some ISPs around the world actually placing a cap on the amount of bandwidth users can use for traffic originating from, there is no exact answer to this question, but if you by the way have an ISP limiting the amount of traffic coming from, then a VPN is a great solution anyway, because then your ISP will no longer see what you are doing online, and thus they can not block or limit traffic from either.

Bandwidth usage examples:

I used PureVPN to watch Netflix in Germany, and as I carefully watched the amount of bandwidth used I found out the following:

  • 1 episode of House of Cards (55min): 5000MB (5GB)
  • 1 episode of Thomas: The Tank Engine (60min): 2500 MB (2,5GB)

The amount will depend on whether you watch in High Quality (HD) or not, and also on the film itself, but no matter what, it will require awful lot of bandwidth.

To answer your question, if you are on a data package from your mobile provider, and do not use WiFi, watching Netflix can be quite brutal, and it will for sure make you pay a very high price for the data cost. If you use a WiFi that does not really matter, but it is worth knowing that watching Netflix really require a whole lot of bandwidth, and if you have a slow Internet connection or an ISP limiting traffic that will also make the results and enjoyability of watching Netflix decrease.

I hope this answer has helped you quite a lot. For more information on watching Netflix, and watching Netflix from abroad, read on here in this guide. If you have other questions, write a comment and share what is on your heart.

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