Most popular films on Netflix in Sweden between September 25 and October 1, 2023.

Do you wonder what the people of Sweden watched on Netflix between September 25 and October 1, 2023? Here you have the top ten list presenting the ten most seen movies on the streaming service in this period.

I should say that there are quite a lot of similarities with the global list on which the movie Reptile was the most seen in total not only in Sweden but globally.

most seen on netflix sweden between september 25 or october 1

Reptile is a Netflix original movie, meaning that it is available worldwide. On the second place, Jim Carrey can be found. He had great success with the movie Sonic, and now Sonic 2 is very popular on Netflix in Sweden and in a couple of other countries (in which the movie can be found).

Love is in the Air is another Netflix original movie that was the third most popular movie on Netflix Sweden in the last week of September 2023. Nowhere is yet another Netflix original movie placed fourth, while The Black Book (Netflix original) was the fifth most-seen movie on Netflix in Sweden in this period.

Placed sixth is the movie Love at First Sight, followed by Spy Kids Armageddon (seventh), and Forgotten Love (eighth).

So far the list consists of seven Netflix originals and one non-Netflix movie. The last two movies on the list are, however, original non-Netflix movies.

best of netflix sweden in end of september 2023.

The movie placed sixth is The Stepfather, while the Hollywood blockbuster movie Downsizing starring Matt Damon ended up as the tenth most popular movie on Swedish Netflix in the last week of September.

Which movie would you stream if you had to choose one of these? Do you have a favorite among them? Or do you have a hate relationship to any of the movies?

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