Madam Secretary season 2 on Netflix

Madam Secretary season 2 has just arrived on US Netflix. If you want to watch it you can do it now. If you want to get access to US Netflix abroad, I am about to tell you how it is done!

Madam Secretary is a CBS series that has turned very popular. You can of course watch it on CBS All Access, also from abroad, but if you have a Netflix subscription and have been waiting for season 2 of Madam Secretary to arrive, you do not have to wait anymore.

Madam Secretary on Netflix

Madam Secretary season 2 was made available on US Netflix on July 3rd in 2016, so if you are located in the United States then you can start watching it right away. If you are located outside the United States and want to access US Netflix, then I have already written a detailed article on how it is done, so just press the link and you will be ready to watch US Netflix in a few minutes from now.

The second season aired on CBS in 2015-16 and the last episode was shown on CBS on May 8th in 2016. In other words the second season came quickly to Netflix and you can now watch all the episodes online on US Netflix.

The third Madam Secretary season will have its premiere on CBS on October 2nd.

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