Johnny English: Reborn on US Netflix

johnny English on NetflixIf you want to have a cool evening, but in lack of funny films to watch, then Johnny English: Reborn might be the solution for you, at least if you like Rowan Atkinson. If you don’t like him, then stay far away from this film, because he keeps up the Mr. Bean tempo and style.

There are some people who simply get annoyed and irritated as they watch Rowan Atkinson. This is not a film for them. But, there are those people who start laughing simply watching Rowan Atkinson, and if that is you, then you have probably seen Johnny English: Reborn already, but if you have not, then hurry up and watch it on US Netflix right away.

If you have never seen a Mr. Bean or a Rowan Atkinson film before, then use this opportunity and get to know this British actor and legendary guy. The first time I watched a Mr. Bean film I cried my eyes out laughing, but since then I have kind of gotten used to it, so it isn’t completely the same anymore, but I still like both Mr. Bean, Johnny English and Rowan Atkinson, and I must admin that the coolest thing during the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics in London in 2012 was when Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, showed up and helped playing the music from Chariots of Fire!

So, if you want to watch Johnny English: Reborn on US Netflix, have fun and enjoy watching. If you do not know how to watch Netflix from abroad, or watching US Netflix where you are read the linked articles!

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