Jennifer Aniston at her best in Cake – Now at US Netflix!

Cake on NetflixCake is a very specal film with Jennifer Aniston in the main role. Many people say she deserves an Oscar for her part in the film, and even if I do not agree 100%, it is still a film in which she plays a very different role from what we normally see her in.

In the film Jennifer Aniston is kind of a wreck, not seeming to far from wanting to commit a suicide. She meets up with other similar people and this turn into one very interesting film with lots to say. If you think Cake sounds like a good film, why not take a look at the trailer on YouTube (you can see it further down).

The film can now be seen on US Netflix, meaning that you simply need to visit US Netflix and you are good to go. If you do not have a Netflix account yet, or maybe you are located in the UK and thus you can not watch the films in the US, read the following article for more information on how to watch Netflix from abroad and on how to watch Netflix in another nation than where you are currently.

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