Is there a way to stream Holby City on Netflix?

I am a big fan of Holby City, but I do not live in the UK anymore. Is there a way to watch Holby City on Netflix?

You probably know a lot about Holby City if you are a fan, and one of the things you might know is that it is a British TV series airing on BBC1 once a week. Well, with 52 episodes coming every year, it isn’t exactly Netflix streaming material, and thus you will not find Holby City on Netflix anywhere in the world.

The only place to stream Holby City online is on BBC iPlayer. But, if you are abroad, that is a bit difficult as well, but if you follow the instructions on on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, you will have success and still be able to stream Holby City online, even though it might not be on Netflix.

You can also watch the following YouTube video for more information related to Holby City on Netflix.

Holby City isn’t the only BBC show not coming to Netflix. Fleabag cannot be streamed on Netflix either. But, lots of BBC series can be streamed on Netflix, and examples of such shows are Cuckoo, Line of Duty, Dr. Who, and also Bodyguard.

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