Is The War With Grandpa with Robert de Niro and Uma Thurman on Netflix?

Are you looking for a comedy to stream on Netflix tonight? Are you a fan of Robert de Niro and Uma Thurman? Have you ever read the children’s book The War With Grandpa and now you would like to watch the movie? No matter if you have read the book or not, the movie is well worth watching. But, is it on Netflix? How and where can you find it?

This movie is yet another movie about when two family members are unable to get along. The grandfather is moving in together with the rest of the family and it all sounds quite okay. But, it isn’t easy to get along with the grandfather, and not with the youngest son in the house. It is set to be a lot of action and stunts as the grandfather and the son in the house starts their war against one another. It almost makes one think of Home Alone and other movies when you see how they try to punish and be evil with one another. You can check the trailer as well right here if you want to.

But, if you want to find out how you can stream this movie on Netflix, keep on reading!

How to watch The War With Grandpa on Netflix

Have you seen the trailer? Would you like to watch the real movie with Uma Thurman, Robert de Niro, and the rest of the people as well? This is what you need to do!

Currently, the movie can only be seen on South Korean Netflix.
In other words, if you live somewhere else, it is impossible to find the movie on Netflix. But, what can you do about that?

  • The first thing you need is to purchase a VPN subscription to SurfsharkVPN. This is a VPN that will help you secure your data online, and it will help you gain access to IP addresses in almost 70 countries. One of those countries is South Korea.
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  • Run the application and connect to a server in South Korea. This will give you a South Korean IP address that will help you stream all the content on Netflix in South Korea.
  • Visit the Netflix application or the website and search for The War With Grandpa. You will now find the movie on Netflix and you can stream this and lots of other fantastic content on South Korean Netflix.

You can also use Surfshark to watch content on Netflix in Japan, Australia, India, Canada, England, USA, France, and several other countries, so make sure to give it a try!

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If you have any questions related to watch The War with Grandpa on Netflix, or just want to share your thoughts about the movie, please write a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. This movie is absolutely worth watching. Just watched it with my kids and they had a great time. A little bit like Home Alone, just nicer in some kind of way!

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