Is “Dune: Part Two” worth watching if you haven’t seen the first movie?

The movie “Dune: Part Two” had its premiere in cinemas where I live yesterday. I haven’t watched the first movie, and I have no clue about the story of the movie. But, there was this leap-year celebration in the cinema so I got the ticket almost for free, including pizza and nachos, so I went even though I didn’t care about the movie.

I do know that “Dune: Part Two” is one of the most anticipated movies of 2024, so I thought it would be interesting, and maybe I would feel sad that I never watched the first movie.

To be honest, I did feel sorry about not watching the first movie, for several reasons.

Dune: Part Two

Watching “Dune: Part Two” without watching the first movie is a mistake. Why?

It is very hard to understand who is who…

Have you ever watched “Game of Thrones?” There are lots of houses fighting against one another, and it takes a while before you understand entirely who is who and who are friends and who are enemies. If you end up watching “Dune: Part Two” in the cinema without watching the first movie first, you will for sure spend most of your energy trying to understand who is fighting against one another, and what are the roles of the different families. It isn’t like watching an Indiana Jones movie in which you divide it into the good guys and the bad guys, because there are lots of categories of people and it isn’t necessarily easy to understand which side they stand on.

This is just one of the reasons why watching “Dune: Part Two” without watching the first movie is a mistake.

Why do some of the Flemens consider Paul Atreides as their savior?

Another reason is that we don’t know what happened in the first movie. Why do the Flemens (one of the groups in the movie) accept and unite with Paul Atreides (Timotée Chalamet), and why do some of them consider him to be a savior, some sort of a God, while others don’t? This would have been much easier to understand (I suppose) if I had watched the first movie first.

It is a great movie… if you like this kind of stuff!

Did you like the music and the effects of the Mad Max movies? If your answer is yes, then you will greatly enjoy the effects and the music in “Dune: Part Two.” This is a great movie with fantastic effects, meaning that it is well worth watching. Fans of Mad Max and Star Wars will find a good middle-way as they watch “Dune: Part Two.”

But then again, I strongly suggest you watch the first movie first because, without it, you will feel kind of lost.

When will “Dune: Part Two” come to Netflix?

The first Dune movie from 2021 was added to Netflix in June 2022, one year later. As a result, we might be able to stream “Dune: Part Two” on Netflix during the spring months of 2025, if we are lucky.

If you want to watch the first Dune movie on Netflix, it is currently available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Spain, India, and Switzerland.

Have you seen “Dune: Part Two” yourself? Do you agree with me, is it stupid to watch this movie without seeing the first movie first? How did you like it (based on the fact that you had seen the first movie first)? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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