Is Deadpool on Netflix?

Deadpool is one of those superhero movies that has just enjoyed a take-off when it comes to popularity. The first movie was released in 2016, and it became the highest grossing R-rated movie produced every in history. 

The R-rating might scare some people away, but it isn’t really that violent or brutal. The R-rating probably came, not only because of the violence but because of the ugly language used by the characters in the movie. Ryan Reynolds is the hero of the movie playing the role of our hero Deadpool.

Deadpool on Netflix

Deadpool on Netflix

If you want to stream Deadpool on Netflix you are not likely to have any success. You cannot watch any of the Deadpool movies on Netflix so far, and considering that the first movie was released back in 2016, it has got to be some reason for this movie not to be on Netflix.

Deadpool is a Marvel movie, but Marvel sold the rights to the Deadpool story a while back, and thus FOX is the company behind the Deadpool movies. This means, even though Disney bought Marvel, they still do not have the power to decide about the future of Deadpool. As a consequence, it will most likely not appear on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, or maybe it will if Fox comes to an agreement with Disney? But, you cannot stream Deadpool on Netflix as of now, and that gives me the feeling that it will not be added in the near future either.

It seems as if Disney will make a deal with Fox still – meaning, that Marvel and Disney will have the right to produce future films in both the Deadpool universe and in the X-Men universe). But, Disney will for sure not make an R-rated Deadpool movie, so what will happen then?

I might be wrong, and if Deadpool is added to Netflix, I will be quick to update this article and probably also write a new blog post about it.

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