How to watch Unbelievable online?

Unbelievable is the name of a limited series created by Netflix in 2019. The series consists of eight episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes. But, where can you stream Unbelievable online?

I have just finished streaming Unbelievable online. It was an amazing ride, and I had a much better time watching it compared to my recent experience with The I-Land, another Netflix production that was released in September.

At first, I didn’t plan on streaming Unbelievable at all. But, then I read a lot of awesome reviews and critics, and I also noticed how Netflix threw the series at me all the time. So, I decided to give Unbelievable a try, and after the first episode, I had a feeling our friendship would last for seven more episodes! I was right!

Get ready to watch Unbelievable online!
Marie Adler, the first victim we get to meet in Unbelievable

How to watch Unbelievable online?

The Netflix limited series named Unbelievable can best be streamed on Netflix. That is quite obvious, and it is true. You can try to find Unbelievable at other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access, but you will not find it there. You cannot buy it stand-alone as content on either. But, if you want to read the book behind the story, then go ahead and purchase Unbelievable at today!

Where can you watch Unbelievable online then? Well, the truth is, Netflix is the place. There might be pirate sites and torrent sites online where you can find it, stream it/download it, but it is risky business dealing with such sites, and it is also illegal. That is why a Netflix subscription is what I would recommend for those who want to stream Unbelievable online.

It should also be considered a big bonus that Unbelievable is a Netflix original series. That is why you do not need to change your Netflix region or find a VPN that will help you unblock Netflix, because no matter where you are in the world if the country has Netflix, it will let you stream Unbelievable.

The two female detectives in Unbelievable
The two female detectives in Unbelievable

Is Unbelievable worth watching?

The first episode made me feel really bad. It reminded me a bit about the feelings I had when I watched the first season of Big Little Lies on HBO. It feels terrible to see women abused by men, and I didn’t like what I saw.

The second episode still contained some brutal scenes about rapes and more, but from the third episode and onwards, it was mostly about the investigation, and not so much about remembering and bringing back scenes from the terrible and violent incidents.

If you have a faint heart, you will have a hard time with the first two episodes. However, it is based on a true story and it feels good to really cheer for the detectives along the way as they try to find the smart rapist who has managed to hide his tracks incredibly well.

The acting performance of the actors, then especially the two detectives and Marie Adler, was amazing. I am very glad that the detectives were women, and they did a great job. They were credible and I quickly felt sympathy with both of them!

General critics of Unbelievable

I don’t really care much about my own opinion. The professional critics are much better at judging a TV show than I am. They see things that I don’t, and that is why I like to bring in some of the thoughts and scores series have at other movie and TV show portals. So, what is up with Unbelievable at other websites?

At Rotten Tomatoes, Unbelievable currently has a 97% critics score and a 93% audience score. Both numbers are incredible, and the user rating is based on 360 votes so far.

At IMDb, the series has 8,6/10 score based on more than 15,000 ratings. This might be more realistic considering how it is based on the opinions of more people. But, if you consider the score, it is still amazing. Behind these numbers you will find a lot of people who gave the series a 10, meaning that they considered it to be extraordinary. There are probably some people who hated it from the first moment and stopped after five minutes, and those gave it a 1. In other words, there are a lot of top scores needed to get such a high score.

Have you seen Unbelievable online?

Have you seen Unbelievable online, just like me? Did you enjoy it? Or maybe you have some questions related to streaming Unbelievable online?

Use the comment field beneath and let me know what’s on your heart!

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