How to watch Kvinden i buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes) on Netflix?

Have you heard about Jussi Adler-Olsen? He is a fantastic writer from Denmark, and he has written quite a lot of books. Maybe his most fantastic creations are the books in the Department Q series. Several movies have been made based on her books, and the first in this series is the so-called “The Keeper of Lost Causes, also known as “Kvinden i Buret” in the original language.

I am a big fan of the movies in the Department Q series. It all started with “Kvinden i Buret“, and then I went on watching the following three movies as well. They are all fantastic to watch, and they are both scary and very well-written at the same time.

But, if you haven’t seen the movies yet, is there a way to watch them all on Netflix, including Kvinden i Buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes), Fasandræberne (The Absent One), Flaskepost fra P (A Conspiracy of Faith), and Journal 64 (The Purity of Vengeance).

Can I watch Afdeling Q on Netflix?
Can I watch Afdeling Q on Netflix?

Watch Afdeling Q on Netflix

Even though the Afdeling Q movies (Department Q) come from Denmark, you will be surprised to discover that they cannot be streamed on Netflix in Denmark or in any other Scandinavian country at all.

Maybe you thought it could be streamed on Netflix in the United States, in Canada, or maybe in England? Yet again, the answer is no!

If you want to watch Afdeling Q on Netflix, you need to get access to Netflix in the Netherlands. But, how can that be done? You need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

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  • Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website. You will even get some extra discounts if you use the button above.
  • After signing up, download the VPN client and connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  • Restart your Netflix application or your browser.
  • Search for Department Q and you will find the movies.
  • Enjoy watching Afdeling Q på Netflix!

You can watch the first three movies (Kvinden i Buret, Fasandræberne, and Flaskepost fra P) on Netflix in the Netherlands and in Sweden. You can stream Netflix content in those countries with ExpressVPN. The last movie, Journal 64, can only be seen on Netflix in Belgium. In order to watch this, connect to an ExpressVPN server in Belgium.

If your Netflix account is registered in Denmark (or some other EU country), you will not see the movies on Netflix, even though you use ExpressVPN. That is because your Netflix account is registered in an EU country, and that means you will see your “home content”, even though you visit a different EU country. You can find a solution and a quick fix to this problem in this article.

journal 64 on netflix

Will your current VPN subscription get the job done?

Maybe you have a VPN subscription to a VPN provider like IPVanish, HideMyAss, or PureVPN? Can you connect to a server in the Netherlands with any of those and watch the Department Q movies on Netflix with those VPN providers as well?

Feel free to try, but you will most likely end up getting the proxy and unblocker error message on Netflix. How come? Netflix is blocking almost every single VPN provider on the market, but there are a few exceptions, and ExpressVPN is one of those.

It is also important to know that one VPN provider might have several servers in one nation, but only one out of many servers works with Netflix. It is, therefore, important to test all servers before making a final judgment.

Ready to watch Afdeling Q on Netflix?

If you have followed my instructions you should be ready to watch some Afdeling Q movies on Netflix. I for sure love these movies, and I do hope you will enjoy them as well. Feel free to write a comment and let me know your thoughts as you finish watching the different movies.

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