How can I watch Netflix in Russia?

Putin and NetflixIn the land of Putin and way to many time zones there are some questions people frequently ask themselves: How can I watch Netflix in Russia? How can I get an American IP address? And of course, how come that Putin is not so popular in the rest of the world? In this little article I will answer two out of three questions.

If you try to watch Netflix in Russia you will get a message from telling you that the site and the Netflix streaming services is unavailable to people located in Russia. You can of course sign up to a mailing list which will notify you whenever Netflix comes to Russia, but until Netflix arrive, what can you and I do to watch Netflix in Russia?

Watch Netflix in Russia

If you want to watch Netflix in Russia I recommend using the services of PureVPN! They are a very debated, but very passionate VPN provider, who do their uttermost to give the best product possible to their customers. If you want to watch Netflix in Russia you will need to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom or in the United States, and as you sign up for the services of PureVPN you will be able to download their VPN application which will make it possible for you to connect to servers in the UK (which will give you a UK IP address) and to servers in the USA (which will give you an American IP address). If you want something even better then make sure to get hold of their SmartDNS service which will give you even better quality as you try to watch Netflix from Russia!
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PureVPN has a three day full refund policy, available if you use less than 500MB of bandwidth. As you use PureVPN you can then revisit Netflix and now you will be able to sign up for the thirty day free Netflix trial, and start to enjoy Netflix at once, from wherever you are in the world, including Russia!

It is very easy and it works perfectly! I have used this myself for a very long time to watch Netflix, and I can warmly recommend it to everyone and anyone! Have fun watching Netflix from Russia, and if you have comments or questions, just write a comment!

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