Hottest Netflix arrivals in week 18, 2020 (April 27-May 3)

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Would you like to make sure that you haven’t missed out on any hot arrivals in the last week? Check this article to find out about the hottest arrivals on Netflix between April 27 and May 3 in 2020.

Take a look at the following video so see a short summery, or read more about the hottest titles below.

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New on Netflix Week 18, 2020

Dangerous Lies

A brand new Netflix original movie about a married couple who works for a very rich man. When the man dies, the girl is suddenly set up to inherit all his riches. But, what is really going on? There are some lies in the background and this is turning into an awesome thriller.

Available: Everywhere

The Victims’ Game

A thriller about a serial murder that is killing its victims, burning them, and then making it really hard to identify the dead bodies. Will they be able to catch the murder? And who is really the victim?

Available: Everywhere.

Deadpool 2

This amazing Ryan Reynolds is finally on Netflix. Have you seen the first Deadpool movie? Now you can stream the second Deadpool movie on Netflix in Canada. In this movie, we get much more violence and humor as Deadpool is back to catch the bad guys.

Available: Canada

General Commander

Have you been missing Steven Seagal? Now he is back in this movie from 2019. He is back and out there to trace money, organs, drugs, and everything sold on the dark web and to catch those abusing it. Doesn’t look like a good movie at all based on the trailer, but if you are a hard core fan, you might as well give it a chance.

Available: Canada

Lady Driver

A girl is walking in the footsteps of her dad. She has awesome talent when it comes to driving and reparing cares, and now she wants to give it a chance. But, her mom might not be very fond of the idea.

Available: USA, UK, Canada

Lady Driver


It is time for a real cowboy movie. A city wants to shut down the rodeo, but with a hotshot rider in town, it gets a lot of attention. The girl of one of the biggest opponents falls in love with the hotshot, and this is a combination of drama and fun in one and the same movie.

Available: USA, UK, Canada

A Score to Settle

Nicolas Cage is back. Isn’t it strange how this famous actor has turned into a B-movie actor? He is sent to prison for 19 years due a crime, and now he is back… and he wants revenge!

Available: Netherlands

Mrs Serial Killer

Mrs. Serial Killer

A man has been killing many women and is taken to prison. But, how can they prove that he is innocent? If the serial killing goes on. The wife is on the move to prove the innocence of the husband. Will they be able to catch her?

Available: Everywhere

What will you watch on Netflix this week?

I hope you have read about some interesting movies and TV series that came to Netflix last week in this article. Have you found a title that especially interests you? I would love to hear about it.

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