Hilda is beautiful, but scary!

Hilda is the name of a brand new Netflix original series created for kids. It is recommended for kids aged 7 or older, but I would have my doubts letting seven-year-old kids watch this all by themselves.

Hilda on netflix

Hilda is a beautifully created children series. The drawings/animations feel old-fashioned, but that is exactly what makes them so nice. With Hilda, Netflix has managed to mix an old look, with a brand new and interesting story.

Hilda is out in the wilderness, and they know for sure that there are trolls out there. But, when the trolls suddenly come alive, it starts to get scary. And when their house is later attacked by who knows what, it gets even worse.

Luckily, Hilda doesn’t want to leave the place, but instead, she wants to learn more about the creatures and live in the forest, even though it might be scary.

After watching the first episode, I must admit that I liked what I saw, but I would never show it to kids as young as seven years old. It is a sure way to help them sleep badly at night, and the chance of bad nightmares increase a lot. Here you see scary trolls with shining eyes, and bookshelves with objects shaking and moving around.

Have you watched Hilda on Netflix yet? Did you like it? Did you kids like it?

I would love to hear some feedback from all of you to hear your thoughts about the new Netflix original series.

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