Should I get a UK or US Netflix account?

If you are still considering getting yourself a Netflix account and you live in a nation where Netflix is not currently available, for example Spain or Turkey, then you probably already know that you can easily get yourself a Netflix account in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. But, which one to choose, UK or US Netflix account?

UK or US Netflix

There is no perfect answer to the question, but there are some things that are worth knowing in general before you make your decision. One of the things worth knowing is that there is no way of knowing the logic behind which films are released on US or UK Netflix when. In other words, there is no such law that says that the best films always come to US Netflix before they arrive to UK Netflix. A recent example is the fact that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has already been released on UK Netflix, but it is still nowhere to be seen on US Netflix. That is just one example, but it is impossible to understand the logic behind whether a film will be released first on UK or US Netflix. Another example to make the matter worse is that sometimes films are released on other nations Netflix channels, leaving both the UK and the US Netflix behind (recently We’re the Millers was released on Netflix in the Scandinavian countries, but not yet on US and UK Netflix). In other words, sometimes you will be lucky, sometimes you will not!

What is your second home? London or Hollywood?

A more important thing to consider when deciding whether to get yourself a UK or a US Netflix account is the TV series and shows made available. After all, at the UK Netflix you will find much more British series and shows than at the US Netflix. In the same way there are more US TV shows and series available on US Netflix than on UK Netflix. There are for example documentaries made in the USA available on US Netflix, but nowhere else, so a good question to ask before making your decision is whether you are a bigger fan of UK and BBC productions, or if you rather feel as if Hollywood is your second home.

Which is more expensive? US or UK Netflix?

The price for a US Netflix account is 8,99 USD a month. The price of a UK Netflix account is 6,99 GBP a month. They might seem quite close looking at the numbers only, but as of today 6,99 GBP is somewhere near 11 USD, making the use of UK Netflix almost 2 USD more expensive per month. If money talks, US Netflix is the thing to buy!

US or UK Netflix?

There is no way to give a good answer to this, but since US Netflix has the most users, that is sort of the flagship of Netflix, making it the most important priority of Netflix to keep up to date. The fact that US Netflix is cheaper than UK Netflix is a big pro as well. So, in the end we would maybe go for a US Netflix subscription, but if you have a VPN subscription as described in the following article and you are a crazy Netflix maniac, why not go ahead and get one in both nations?

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