Dangerous Lies review

Dangerous Lies is the name of a brand new Netflix original movie. It was made available on Netflix at the end of April 2020, and many people were looking forward to the movie. But, is Dangerous Lies worth watching?

Dangerous Lies stars Camilla Mendes as a person working in the house of a very nice, old man. And the fact is, for the first thirty minutes of the movie, nothing really happens. As a result, I actually felt like turning off the entire movie, simply because it was way too boring. Luckily, things heat up a bit after the first thirty minutes, making it worth the time, but still… they could have spiced things up at the start.

Dangerous Lies trailer

So, Camilla Mendes plays the role of a woman who works as a helper for a man in a big house. The man is old, but he is very nice. He doesn’t have any family, meaning that his friendship with his helper means a lot to him. 
But, then one day he suddenly dies. What a shock? And when he decides to leave his house to his helper and her husband (who just started to work as a gardener in the house), some people get suspicious. What is going on here? Did the couple commit some sort of crime, kill the man, or what really happened?

The story could be a good one, and in fact, it gets quite interesting after the first 30 minutes. The main reason is that it is hard to predict what really happened, and who did what. This makes it interesting, and I really find that to be a positive in movies when there are sudden turns and surprising elements showing up towards the end. And with Dangerous Lies, Netflix actually managed to bring up those surprising elements.

As a result, Dangerous Lies can be considered a good treat, at least if you survive the first 30 minutes of the movie.

You can watch Dangerous Lies on Netflix worldwide. You do not need to change your Netflix country, and there is no need to use a VPN or any other tool. Of course, you can use a VPN if you want to be encrypted and secure online when watching Dangerous Lies, but it isn’t needed.

Messing things up when trying to mess with us

It should, however, be mentioned that as they try to bring in those surprising elements and sudden turns in the story, they also have to add lots of elements that doesn’t really have anything to do with the story. When you have finished watching the movie, that might actually annoy you. What do I mean? If you have seen the movie, you might ask yourself – why did the man have more than 100,000 Dollar in cash, hidden in a coffin in the attic? We never get an answer to that.

Katie helps this old man in Dangeroues Lies

Why did the man helping Katie (Camilla Mendes) go to the house in the middle of the night, if he truly expected and though that Katie and her husband were possible killers? It is utterly stupid, and something nobody would ever have done.

These are just a few of the completely stupid elements of the movie. Of course, they make it hard to predict and understand, but once it reaches an end, it also feels strange that these are just elements that messes up with your brain, without giving any answer in the end.

Have you seen Dangerous Lies? How did you like the movie? I would love to hear from you!

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