Criminal: UK 01 e02 review

Not long ago, I watched the first episode of Criminal: UK. I was really positive about the concept and liked how they manage to keep the tension of the show up for the entire episode, even though it all took place in a single room (or at most 3). So, I was looking forward to the second episode as well. I was very curious to find out if they could keep this up for more episodes, considering that it is all about solving crimes in the interrogation room. So, how can they make lots of episodes all dealing with conversations in an interrogation room interesting?

My main worry before the episode was… can this be interesting once again? And even more, can it be interesting for 11 more episodes? The first was interesting, but can they make this work well for so many episodes?

Criminal: UK - episode 2 review
Criminal: UK – episode 2 review

Yes, it is based on true stories, and that in itself makes it interesting. But, there are lots of true stories that are completely boring to watch, even though they are based on reality.

So, whats up with Criminal: UK episode 2?

I watched the episode around 21.00 in the evening. This is when I like to watch TV and have quietness and peace to do so. I started with great enthusiasm, but something strange happened after about 20 minutes. I got really tired, and in the next moment, my eyes switched between a closed and an open status several times per minute. So, after thirty minutes I pressed the stop button. I didn’t manage to watch anymore.

Who’s to blame? I guess it was a mixture of me being tired and the show, but normally, I do not fall asleep watching interesting stuff at 21.00 in the evening. For some reason, I found this to be boring, and the story and the plot didn’t manage to grab a hold of my attention. There wasn’t the newness to the story anymore, and the plot itself was so standard and basic, that it feels as if I could have been the interrogator in the room instead.

After the girl confesses the crime, I would have said exactly the same – that was too easy. And yes it was, and in the end, the truth about what happened is told by the girl itself, and also her motivation for lying comes out. But, it was so easy to foretell based on the story that was told… and maybe that was what made me fall asleep.

When I watched the last minutes of the show, I got tired once again, but this time I managed to finish the episode without falling asleep.

Did you know that you can watch all the Criminal series on Netflix, all across the world? You do not need access to German Netflix to watch the Criminal: Germany, nor access to French Netflix to watch Criminal: France. The episodes are available on Netflix worldwide, making them all easy to watch and enjoy.

Have I given up on Criminal now?

I haven’t given up on the series at all. Maybe the second episode of Criminal: UK was a downer, but I will still give the last episode of season 1 a chance as well. Furthermore, I will also check out the other language versions, maybe they will be able to give the series something that the English language version doesn’t manage to give. Maybe there are more interesting cases to be cracked in other languages?

I guess I will discover as I give them all a chance. But, there is lots of other stuff that I want to stream and watch on Netflix at other streaming services as well. Did you know that ITV in the UK has produced a lot of great shows lately? The show Sanditon, based on the novel by Jane Austen has become really popular. Another popular show of theirs is A Confession, in which Martin Freeman plays the role of a DS doing everything to find a killer before he gets new victims. But, to do so, he decides to skip the rules and just follow what he believes is right. Is that a wise choice? There are several other shows as well, so I guess I will have a lot to do in October as well.

Do you have a favorite show? How do you like Criminal: UK? And what about the other versions? Are you a fan or not? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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