Cinderella on UK Netflix

Cinderella on NetflixCinderella is one of the most popular and known fairy tale from Walt Disney. So Cinderella is an American fantasy animated film which was produced by Walt Disney and it was released in 1950. The animated movie is based on the fairy tale Cendrillon by Charles Perrault and Cinderella is the 12th animated movie of Walt Disney which was directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson.

Just recently Cinderella was also released as a new film on cinemas, but in this article we are as you have probably already understood, writing about the original Disney version of Cinderella from 1950.

The film is about Cinderella who lives together with her cruel and cold hearted stepmother, Lady Tremaine and her two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. Cinderella has to grow up in a miserable environment as a maid in her own home. One day the royal palace, the King and the Grand Duke organise a ball where ‘every eligible maiden’ is invited and that is the point when Cinderella real journey begins. Lady Tremaine agrees to let Cinderella to the ball if she can finish her chores and find a decent dress for the ball before they leave. After she is done with her chores and chose a nice dress with some of the jewels of the stepsisters she joins them downstairs where the stepsisters point out she ‘stole’ some of their jewels so Drizella and Anastasia decide to destroy the dress. After the stepsisters and her stepmother left Cinderella without any hope, suddenly out of the blue her Fairy Godmother appears to help her get to the ball where she finally has the chance to meet the Prince who falls in love with her instantly…

Cinderella is definitely one of the most loveable and enjoyable Disney movies of all time which is highly recommended to watch for everyone.

You can watch Cinderella on UK Netflix, so if you are located in the US with a Netflix subscription there, get hold of a UK IP address and start watching Netflix in the UK as well with your current Netflix subscription.

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