Choose right friends on Netflix!

Are you looking for a way to learn more about your relationships? Do you want to learn about the importance of choosing the right friends? Why not take a look at the new teaching series with Pastor Ed Young on Netflix named: Fifty Shades of They.

Good relationships on Netflix

Lots of Christian content has been added to Netflix recently and you can for example watch a teaching series with Steven Furtick called Death to Selfie on Netflix, you can watch Joyce Meyer on Netflix in Canada and now you can watch Ed Young on Netflix in the US and in Canada as well. There are also lots of Christian movies to watch on Netflix, and you can read more about those in this article, or you can watch this film on YouTube for more information.

But, what is this Fifty Shades of They about?

The question asked in this teaching series by Pastor Ed Young is: “What did they influence you to do that you would not have done if they had not been around?” Who are they? These are the people around you. Those are the people influencing you. But, how do you pick the right “they” people to be around you? It is important that you do not just follow the flow, and for sure not the bad flow, but find the right people and go in the direction that God wants you to go!

Watch the five parts in this series which last about 35 minutes each!

One more good saying from this… If you just follow the crowds, then the crowds will in fact lead you! So, the challenge is not just to follow the crowd and the they people in your life, but to get the best people around you, and make sure that the they people in your life will in fact support you and make sure that you will actually reach the potential you have in your life!


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