Can I watch Silence (2016) on Netflix?

Silence on NetflixSilence (2016) is a movie that shouts, while it speaks about the silence of God, when you eagerly long to hear God’s voice in the midst of trouble and hardships. And yes, that is what Silence is about.

The Martin Scorsese movie tells us the story about Jesuit priests traveling to Japan to share their faith and help believers in the 17th century. They are also there to find their former master, who they know little about, except from rumors about him abandoning his faith. The movie is a challenging movie, a historical movie and a movie that asks hard questions about faith and whether or not abandoning your faith is an acceptable deed if the lives of others depend on it.

If you haven’t seen Silence yet, then you are for sure waiting for the movie to arrive to Netflix. So far it has not yet been made available, but I expect it to show up in the first Netflix regions within the coming 2-3 months. I will update this article as soon as that happens, so that you will get to know where and how you can watch Silence on Netflix, once it has been made available.

Watch Silence on Netflix

To be updated at once when the movie is made available.

Is it worth waiting for Silence?

It is absolutely worth waiting for Silence to arrive to Netflix. Once it has arrived you can start watching, but you should be prepared knowing that this is a 2 1/2 hour movie, meaning that it lasts for a long time. It is also a tough movie to watch, meaning that it isn’t the movie you sit down to enjoy with 4-5 liters of popcorn. This is a movie hard to watch, but it is still worth watching.

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