Can I watch The Blacklist: Redemption on Netflix?

The Blacklist: Redemption has arrived, and this is a fantastic chance to get even more great stuff from the creators of The Blacklist. But, can you stream The Blacklist: Redemption on Netflix?

We have known about the fact that The Blacklist: Redemption was to come, but then it suddenly arrived, and by the time I am writing this article, three episodes have already been aired in this series that is a drop-off from The Blacklist.

Unfortunately I have not been able to watch the episodes yet, I only took a short glance at the first episode where I discovered that Elizabeth Keen had a little role, but I am curious to see how it will progress, and whether or not Tom Keen will go ahead and live his life all by himself in the future episodes, all without Elizabeth Keen.

The Blacklist: Redemption on Netflix

At the moment you can NOT stream The Blacklist: Redemption in any Netflix regions at all. I will of course update this article as soon as I know more, but until I know more, maybe you should stream The Blacklist season 4 on Netflix instead? That can be done, and it is very important to be up to date on the original series for you to be able to totally enjoy the first season of The Blacklist: Redemption.

The Blacklist Redemption on Netflix

If you are very eager to stream The Blacklist: Redemption, then I suggest that you head over to Hulu where you can watch all the episodes online, just a few hours after they have aired originally on NBC in the United States. At Hulu you can also watch another NBC series, Blindspot, so you have plenty of reasons to visit Hulu. For more information about other great content at Hulu and how to stream Hulu outside the United States, visit

While we wait for The Blacklist: Redemption to come to Netflix

There are lots of other great stuff you can watch, so follow us on Facebook, visit the front page to find out more about how you can access different Netflix regions, and come back here, because this article will be updated as soon as The Blacklist: Redemption can be seen in any Netflix region out there.


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